May 4, 2010

Lady Gaga is the Reason I will fail art history

For all of you kids who don't know: last night was the Met Institute Costume Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is hosted by Vogue and it is fabulous. This year's theme was "The American Woman" to go with the new exhibit.  Now that that's finished, on to important things:
Is there a reason that this is the only picture I could find of Lady Gaga at the Met Ball?

What has happened to you, O Sparkly One?  First you are invited by Prada but the only picture of you shows you wearing Armani? Also, the sparkliness of your, um, skin, is clashing with the different kind of sparkliness that is on those shoes. Then, you don't walk the red carpet, because you are supposedly too busy preparing for your performance to make a fashion statement. Um, what?! Why are we accepting this excuse? Have we forgotten the Grammys already?

Case in point:

And also:

This must be some sort of elaborate plot to make us (me) wonder about here even more than we (I) already do on a daily basis. DAMN IT GAGA. Why are you doing this to me? I hate you.

Just kidding, I take it back.  Please do not stab me with your crazy pokemon spear helmet like you did to the guy sitting behind you. I love you.

In other news, I should be writing a paper about Peruvian art, but I can't because I have too much ADD. Looking at pictures of Lady Gaga's outfits REALLY does not help.



  1. sigh. if only we were there. they just decided not to invite the most fabulous people in the city so that the celebs wouldn't get jealous.

  2. HAHAHA so true. Gaga didn't walk the red carpet because she was afraid that we would show her up.


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