May 28, 2010

Let's Have Some Fun, This Beat is Sick

Happy Friday!  Today I have got some Things I Love This Week, and also some Link Lovin' for you guys!

Things I Love!

Being home! I love seeing my family and hometown friends, eating and hanging out at Weir's (an ice cream place), being able to split my time hanging out in NYC and in the pretty Hudson Valley, and enjoying my summer.  The time is flying by already!

being healthy! Last Thursday was my first full day at home, so I woke up early (okay, it was at noon, but whatever) and went to the gym with my best friend. I have a membership to Gold's Gym in Newburgh, NY, and let me tell you: that place is amazing. It is giant and has everything you could possibly need. When I got home I made a fruit smoothie and sat outside in the sun with my dog.  Great day much?

♥ This Alexander McQueen Eyes ad that was in W magazine this month:

♥ Looking at pictures of crazy hair

♥ Treats! My friends at school gave me all kinds of delicious treats over the weekend. My roommate's parents got us a chocolate pizza from Max Brenner chocolate restaurant!

Link Lovin!

So Much Pun. If you read my blog regularly, or know me in person then you know what a complete sucker I am for puns. This website is absolute gold:

♥ The history of alternative hairstyles on Mookychick. Que interesting!

♥ Lauren on IFB asks, Are Bloggers Getting Stressed?

♥ The Periodic Table of Typefaces poster, and the So You Need a Typeface poster. Loooove ittttt. I am obsessed.

Hot Nerds Reading Comics! Very yes!

Tonight, I am going to a Lady Gaga themed senior showcase at my old High School. It is run by one of my best friends and features the seniors of the drama club, which I am a former Vice President of, haha! You better believe that I am dressing up, so stop by later for pictures! What are you loving this week?



  1. Chocolate pizza.. way to a girls heart, yes?

  2. Love your lookbook.

    Online Fashion Store for Women

  3. Kate: most definitely! hahaha
    y. lori: thank you! :]

  4. Hehe have you read by any chance? She does gratitude posts every Thursday. :)

    I have that Alexander McQueen Ad on my wall. As soon as I saw it, it was quickly ripped out the magazine!

    Trix xo

  5. haha yes I have! I love Gala Darling. :]

    yess same! it is on my desk right now :]


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