May 31, 2010

What I Wore: Lady Gaga Fashion Moments

On Friday night  I went to a show at my old High School called GaGaPalooza. It was a senior showcase for the drama club performing only Lady Gaga songs. The entire thing was run one of my best friends and it was awesome! I am so proud of him (Friday was also his 18th birthday). None of the pictures that I took of the event were any good, so I will try to post some good ones later!
This is what I wore: my interpretation of the "Just Dance" video outfit, plus a lobster mask that I made!
I was trying to copy this look:

I also had a blue lightening bolt on my face:
By the end of the night, the blue makeup was smeared and my hair was ridiculous and I felt like Gaga in the "Just Dance" video (minus the whale humping) and I really believed for a moment that maybe I secretly was Lady times.

While I was trying to figure out what to wear, I made a folder of some of my favorite Lady Gaga fashion moments ever. Here are a few:

And, to go out with a bang!

What's inspiring you?


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