June 18, 2010

Inspiration: Christian Joy

Christian Joy.
She is a designer of costumes, of monsters, and of rock and roll. She was the first designer that I was inspired by and looked up to.

Christian Joy was born Christiane Joy Hultquist in Iowa. She began designing in Brooklyn around 2000 with no formal training. She met Karen O, lead singer of the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs in 2001 and began designing unique costumes for Karen's stage appearances.
"Christian Joy and Karen O met when Joy worked as a shop girl for Daryl K, to which the future rock star was a regular. After a few cocktails, Joy began to design the outfits that would eventually define Karen O's onstage persona." (Tongue in Chic)
 I have always been into fashion and the music scene, and Christian Joy and Karen O made me realize that music and fashion influence each other and are inseparable. If you look back in cultural history, you most likely think of the music and clothing from each time period, together. Each look means something and each song means something too. This is why movements in music and trends in fashion coincide.

Christian Joy in her studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
She has designed for the UK band The Klaxons. In 2007 her costume designs were featured at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London as part of the New York Fashion Now exhibit. In September 2009, Joy costumes were featured in a Where The Wild Things Are pop-up shop in Los Angeles. (The first picture in this post is a photo from this costcollection.)

Some of Christian Joy's work:

Designs for the stage
 The many costumes of Karen O.

I follow everything that Karen O wears on the stage. She makes the clothing come alive. She proves that clothing is meant to be worn, it is an extension of self. I can help you express who you are, or help you become another person entirely.
Christian Joy's clothing and costumes prove that anything really is possible in fashion.

 Extra Love:

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