June 30, 2010

What to Wear to Summer Music Festivals

I know I didn't put this out in time for Bonnaroo... but Vans Warped Tour is just starting!

Dressing for summer music festivals can be tricky. The weather can range from HOT and sunny, to windy, to torrential downpour. The trick is to wear clothing that is comfortable and versatile, and to be prepared. Channel the boy scouts or girl scouts! And if you are channeling the girl scouts, make sure you remember to bring me some cookies.

To begin, why don't you check out: Tips For Attending Summer Music Festivals. You'll get some tips on what NOT to wear and other ways to have a fun time.

SMF 1Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

SMF 1 by nikkidee featuring Ksubi shorts

If you're not the stand-in-the-back type, holding a purse gets annoying real fast. And you know in your heart that it isn't fair to make your acoustic loving friend be bag bitch every year. Pair a stripey t-shirt or a breezy crop top with a utilitarian vest that has lots of pockets. Now you don’t need to worry about where you will keep your stuff. Go-go-gadget cellphone!  Wear some studded shoes and crowd surf your way to the front. Now you are truly hardcore.
Pair a bustier-style top with some cool jeans. Look ma, no tanlines! Add a cute backpack for all the free stickers you get...and guitar picks you'll catch.

Side note: Converse high-top All Stars happen to be my shoe of choice any time I go to a concert. However, they are flat on the bottom and can get very uncomfortable if you are standing, dancing, or moshing in them for hours at a time. I am stubborn and insist on wearing the same pink shredded converse I've had since about the seventh grade to almost every show.But I would consider trying boots or some more comfortable shoes, like Nike or another athletic type shoe.
It can get really hot out there, and cute rompers make life so easy. And according to Polyvore, the pink one was seen on Kim Kardashian - zomg (I'm sure it looks better on you). The gray one is only $10 at blnts.com- Awesome. Save your money for sweet merch at your favorite band’s tent! And a twelve dollar hotdog.
Pair your romper with a cute hat and colorful converse for an outfit that everyone will envy.

Rock on in style this summer.



  1. I went to Bonnaroo this year.
    I wore a bikini top with cut off shorts and docs the entire time.

    If you're going to a festival you might not want to wear a romper though.
    Romper = NOT port-a-potty friendly.



  2. that's so true about the romper! eek i didn't even think of that.
    I'm jealous that you went to Bonnaroo! I want to go so bad.


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