April 23, 2009

Things I Loooove This Week!

♥ The movie Factory Girl. I love it! It actually came out early 2007, I think... it stars Siena Miller as Edie Sedgwick! Since the movie Grey Gardens is out in movie theaters now, about Jackie O's aunt and cousin Edith Beale and Little Edie Beale, I figured it would be appropriate to re-fall in love with everything Edie!

♥ Dying my hair... more pink! :]

Twitter! I know I write about it all the time, but I seriously love it. True, some people take it a little too far- there is such thing as Too Much Information, even on the internet!- but I think it's one of the best social networkin' devices on the interblag.

Overheard in New York. Probably the funniest website ever, and it's a good procrastination tool! :p
Planning outfits for events- like prom :] I have tons of prom outfits on Polyvore- I'll share them here :]

Anticipation! April is almost over... and from now on the rest of the school year is pretty much jam-packed with events! I'm so excited!

Facing your fears

Late-night phone calls

Panera Bread :]

♥ The Goodburger Movie!!!

♥ Car Dance Parties

Earth Day parties!
Love your mother... Get it - mother earth? :p

What is making you smile this week?
Nikkidee! :]

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