July 26, 2009

Uglydolls, or Why I Never Want To Grow Up

I think Uglydolls are the cutest things ever. They've been around for a while [since about 2001 actually!] but I was reminded of them recently and figured I would do a post about them. In Uglydoll world, "ugly" means unique and special. Each Uglydoll character has a different name and personality.

I used to have this one: Minimum Wage. I got him at a fair in my town called the Grape Harvest Festival a few years ago. [We have the country's oldest winery or something.] I don't know what happened to him!

I'm a little kid at heart, a total five year old, so of course I think Uglydolls are the best idea ever. Just looking at them makes me happy and brightens up my day. I think that people should never stop playing with toys like these, continue to love childish things and make time to play silly games. In total Peter Pan mindset, I say, never grow up. :]

What do you think?

Nikkidee! :]


  1. You are awesome! I totally agree with you... uglies are awesome too! I have six of them!

  2. haha Thank you! I saw a little girl today in Bed Bath and Beyond with one and I was so excited!


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