April 8, 2010

Tips for Attending Summer Music Festivals

It's almost time for the 
Bamboozle festival 2010
and I know you are as excited as I am, because you know what that means!  Summer music festival season is almost upon us.

 Dress appropriately! This can be a big factor in staying comfortable, so here is my list:

  • Wear comfy shoes.  Unless you're just going to sit all day, heels are a terrrible idea. 
  • And crowd surfing in a skirt? This means: 1. skeevy dudes trying to grope you, and 2. skeevy dudes seeing your underwear.  :[  This is a music festival, not a fashion show. Trust me, I know all about wanting to look stylish every minute of every day!  There are tons of ways to look cute even when you are standing in mud and it is 90 degrees. Be creative and wear light colors, and light fabrics such as cotton.
"it's a comic reference! really. nerdy. can't we all just get along?"
  • It  can get reaaally hot, so leave the scarves and leather pants at home!
  • Don't wear anything valuable, or anything that can get broken easily. I've seen girls get earrings torn out, their clothes ripped and their jewelry broken or stolen.
  • Don't wear flip flops! They get broken or lost easily and someone will absolutely step on your toes!  My advice is not to wear slip ons, either. I know from experience that they come off easily in a crowd! A few years ago at Bamboozle, I wore slip-on, low top sneakers. Halfway through the day, I was watching Taking Back Sunday perform and the crowd was too much for the space we were in! It got crazy, and people stepped on my shoes, which caused them to come off. They got lost in the crowd, and bending down to look for them was not only impossible, but would have been dangerous for my safety.  I never saw them again! The best thing to do is to wear boots or sneakers that you can tie or buckle.
screamo screamo gotta gooo

Bring food.  You need the energy, and the venues usually have really gross, overpriced food. I know you're usually not supposed to bring food in, but I always manage to sneak in a few granola bars or something, so you should be okay!

 Drink A LOT of water! Dehydration is no fun. There are often water bottle refilling stations. Use them!

Wear sunblock. Your skin will thank you when you don't look like a lobster with a farmer's tan the next day.

Don't drink too much! Alcohol, I mean. Word! You will thank me.

Bring hand sanitizer or baby wipes. Yeah.

Make friends! Be nice to people in the pit, talk about bands, strike up a conversation in the port-a-potty line, haha!

Who is this guy? I don't know but he's excited

Don't complain! It is nice to have a plan, but don't be afraid to change it up or try  new things!  Sometimes things go wrong. But whether you didn't get to meet 30h!3, or a crowd surfer fell on your head, just make the best of it and remember: you are there for the music!

HAVE FUN! Rock on and have an awesome time.

xx! Nikkidee

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