April 19, 2010

How to Look Put-Together in 3 Easy Steps

There is only a month left until finals and so far it’s been a pour-coffee-into-my-cocoa-puffs kind of morning. I’m assuming that some of you guys are feeling similar pressure.  It can be tough to put tons of effort in the morning into looking polished when you aren't feeling very polished at all. 
Here are my 3 quick tips on how to look like you didn’t just roll out of bed and run to class, even when you did just that.

1. Wear a Headband
Headbands are amazing! When I was an elementary-school tomboy, I wore my hair in headbands and ponytails all the time.  They are practical and keep your hair out of your face while you are studying and working hard. I recently rediscovered the power of headbands- go from “just-woke-up” to “Hello my name is Blair Waldorf” in two seconds flat! You will instantly look five times more polished, confident and put-together.

    I wouldn't reccommend making this face if you want to be taken seriously.

    This is my stern "why aren't you wearing a headband?" look. I know, it is very intimidating.

    2. Wear classy shoes
    The rest of your outfit can be a hot mess, but if you are wearing cute shoes, that will be the only thing that people notice. Especially if you are sitting in class, everyone's sleepy eyes focus downward anyway. A nice pair of shoes can pull your entire outfit together.

    3. Wear red lipstick
    Swiping on some lipstick take seconds, but it makes you look fresh. It gives the illusion that  you put effort into your appearance-even if it is the only makeup you are wearing!

    My friend Jack! Doesn't she make for a gorgeous model?

    What are your quick tricks for looking polished and put-together?
    PS: How does the signature look? I am very excited about it because I can never get my signature to look that cute in real life.



    1. I love headbands ... I love how they can make it look like you made some effort, even if you didn't so much :)

    2. I agree...I've worn a headband every day for the past week!
      Thanks for commenting :]


    C-C-C-Comment! :]


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