April 16, 2010

Tales of Epic Magazine, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Friendship, and Blogging

I think that just won "Uneccesarily Longest Blog Title" Award, no?
Anyway, I have called you here today to discuss an important matter (I have always wanted to say that).
Do you read Epic Magazine? It used to be "Boner Party" and it is amazing. And HOLY BEANS you guys my friend Sarah has a post on it! She is hilarious and brilliant and will one day work for Saturday Night Live so you better go make yourself familiar with her now. This way when everyone is going "HAHA Sarah is so awesome and funny and famous" you can say, "Oh yeah? I remember when she was blogging on Epic...That's right, I was reading Sarah's stuff before she was popular because I am just that hip and cool and I know everything." (You might not want to say it like that because you will sound like a jerk. However, you would be entirely justified to say that because lets face it, you read my blog so you are awesome and you can say whatever you want.) The moral of this story is: if you want to be hip and cool, go read Sarah's post. I promise that when I own the internet and the fashion industry and live in a hot air balloon mansion I will throw a party and you are all invited.
Here is a picture of me and Sarah, okay? Sarah if you are reading this....do you know how far back in my tagged Facebook pictures I had to go to find a picture of us? This is at Cabaret rehearsal or something.

So! Go read this: Pabst and Present


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