April 21, 2010

Parsons Projects: The Coffee Vest

I've gotten some requests to show the projects, assignments, and work that I do at school. I usually get pretty self-concious about my work because I am never satisfied or finished but...I will do it. For you guys! Never let anyone tell you that I don't looove you pleeaseeee.

Here is a project I did in my 3-Dimensional Design Class.
The assignment: Create a garment that can be worn on the torso that relates to the theme or issue of "survival". Think in terms of urban survival, functionality, and connection.  It must include a cantilever (extension-like an umbrella) and must transform in some way. Cantilever should change the form as well as alter the function of the body covering. Must have an identifiable function in an urban or social environment that changes perception or awareness of viewers. Must also incorporate a zipper.
Aaaah. Sounds toootally simple, right?

My Project: I decided to take a somewhat humorous- but still decidedly functional- approach to "solving" this assignment. I designed a waterproof rain-vest that turned into a coffee dispenser. It had an oversized hood and an inside, hidden plastic bladder that can hold coffee. You can take off the vest, undo the cantilever (which I converted out of a clamp-able beach umbrella), clamp it to the table, undo a zipper, and treat everyone to some coffee! It brings people together and makes them happy. For me, that would be the ultimate savior of rainy days. My project is a dramatization of people's need for coffee to "survive" the day 
Here are some preliminary sketches for what I wanted my project to be:
 I have no idea why this one says "air pirates" or why the figures all have eye patches....


Of course, in design things always change from the beginning of the process to the end. I chose a cheaper- and more fun! - material. I also opted not to make sleeves. My professor suggested that they the piece could be very simple. Form Vs. Function is a big issue here, and having sleeves was a little unnecessary.
We had about a week to execute the final project.
Sorry I don't have tons of great pictures! Here are some photos of the vest on a dress form:

A close up of the zipper and coffee spout

My presentation board:
I think that is allll.
Have you done any cool projects lately?

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