April 23, 2010

You're Invited: Recyled Runway at the Green Event

Happy Friday everyone!
I wanted to let you know that you are invited to
Recycled Runway fashion show taking place at the Green Event at Stuyvesant Park tomorrow afternoon.  It was started last year by two students at Parsons. Designers must make everything out of previously existing garments.  Ummm I have 3 looks presented in the show! It's my first time having pieces in a show and I am really excited! I made 3 looks out of 2 old prom dresses that I got last year from my high school's prom dress drive.

Come check it out for an afternoon of fashion and eco-friendly fun.
You don't need to present a ticket to get in, because it is free!
Hopefully I will see you there! 


  1. THATS AWESOME! You must post pictures!!! Haha, I had to comment because I'm organizing my school's Green Fashion Show this year, so maybe it's a sign? Of, like, mutual greatness to come? I don't know what I'm saying... but I can't wait to see your looks! Good luck!

    And I love your Parsons posts. That coffee/vest/transforming outfit looks AMAZING. You have to post more pictures of all your projects; they are INSANE.


    (Your life is insane. But rad. Insanely rad.)

  2. Aah thanks! That's so cool, good luck with the show! I hope it goes really well :] It is totally a sign hah

    Thank youuu, I'm glad you think my life is insanely rad. I wonder sometimes hahaha :] Your comments make me so happy!


C-C-C-Comment! :]


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