December 11, 2009

Things I Love This Week


being proud of being a nerd, writing, staying up all night to do things that make me happy not just for class, feeling organized, rediscovering old music, highlighter shades of colors, drawing dinosaurs, jellyFISHES, the Museum of Natural History, BESTIE COMING TO THE CITY AT THE END OF NEXT WEEK, the semester is almost over, the Christmas season in the city, getting excited about the pathetic rain-snow we got, languages, text messaging, skyping with my besties while I do homework, Artichoke Pizza, goin' willld sometimes, zines, being close with my brother, online "screen shopping" -which is the interweb equivelant of window shopping, the fact that all my friends here sing as badly as I do! haha, mcdonalds kids meal toys, HARRY POTTER MARATHONS, a room full of random people singing happy birthday to me at midnight, going into an xxx shop with friends just for jokes and because I can, midnight breakfast,               

I love you all, and so far I've had a great two hours and fourteen minutes of finally being eighteen years old! 
I hope you all have a great weekend! AND I HOPE IT SNOWS THIS WEEKEND IN NEW YORK CITY!

xx, Nikkidee! :]


  1. I LOVE GOODBURGERRRR. i get that shiiit delivered like everyday. happy bday!

  2. coolest thing ever? i think so:

  3. thank you! i was so excited when i saw goodburger

    yesss, those shoes are awesome!!! I LOVE the spiraly ones too..and the comments are pretty hilarious! thanks for the link!


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