December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Here at Wishful Thinking, we are going to do something a little bit different as we look towards the new year ahead.

The beginning of a new year is probably the only time I make lists and get organized!
The first list is dreams. I daydream all day long about the magical life I want to have, and the magic that I want to spread to others!
The second list is resolutions to fulfill, either in the new year or beginning next year, that will help achieve those dreams.

Here is my personal list:

♥ Share yours in the comments!


I wish to be a designer of dreams, a style discoverer, a pilot to the sun.
I wish to help the world through creative works.
I wish to be a fashion designer, and challenge conventional ideas of fashion and style
I wish to be part of the creation of music in some way.
I wish to spread the magic and love that I feel in my life every day.
I wish to travel to all parts of the world


I will learn Italian
I will take steps to learning to properly play the piano
I will continue to develop as an artist
I will make friends with many more amazing people!
I will help out and volunteer more!
I will spread whimsy everywhere I go (it is my favorite word!)


Instead of Resolutions, I have little phrases that remind me to stay focused on the ideas in my list!
This year, I have three main ideas that I want to stay focused on as I make my adventurous way through the year!

Get your HEART racing!

♥ Make your DREAM life happen!


I am so excited!  It is time to look back on the decade (!) with love and no regrets!
It is time to look ahead and get excited for a new start!

Thanks for reading, everyone! I love you!
See you next year!

xx, Nikkidee! :]

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