December 22, 2009

Birthday Month of Fun-in Pictures!

During the month of December, I vowed to do every fun thing that was suggested, and to inject a sense of fun into everything I did!
It was a bit exhausting, but super rewarding. A+ experience, stellar time, would recommend others etc etc!
Therefore, I have a bunch of pictures to show you. And by a bunch, I mean a barrel. By which I mean a ton. Which roughly translates to OMG LOTSA  SO MANY

Are you ready for picture overload?!

I did a lot of work for school. Finals!

I turned 18! DUDE.

I bundled up like crazy - in this pictures I believe I am wearing 8 layers on top and five on the bottom, I could barely move my arms - and waited in line for Saturday Night Live tickets at five in the morning.  We didn't get them, but hopefully we will next time!

I went out last Thursday for drinks and yummy food with some friends to celebrate the end of finals and our last day of critiques!

My besties from upstate came to visit and spend a weekend with me in the city. I love them and had an amazing time! Best friend weekend!
Also, it snowed! A LOT!

We went to the Union Square holiday craft show thing. I thought these gloves were hilarious!
My friend and I told the guy selling them that they looked great, and he replied, "they would look better on you!"  Of course I just had to try them on! ;]

Someone wrote some dirty words on this tree in flour at a pizza shop.  What a grinch! My friend and I crossed them out. :]

Wooo! I've been so busy!  What have you been up to, darlings?
xx, Nikkidee!

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